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A comprehensive property assessment or home inspection report is about much more than just ticking the boxes: It extends to you invaluable peace of mind that your property or future home is free from serious defects.

When it comes to property assessment and home inspection, only settle for the best.

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Dilapidation Reports in Sydney | Building Inspection Reports

If you are about to commence new works in an area with surrounding homes or buildings, your building permit may be reliant on you and your team obtaining a dilapidation report from a professional building inspector and report provider such as Precision Inspections.

A dilapidation report documents the condition of properties and infrastructure surrounding a construction, demolition or excavation site prior to the commencement or works. More often than not, your local council will require a dilapidation report as a condition of development consent.

The initial inspection and report document all findings such as cracks and the extent of cracks. This report can later be compared after works are completed with a follow up inspection. If new or further cracking are found they are then documented so that remedial works can be carried out.

If no dilapidation report is carried out then any cracking or movement claimed by an adjacent property owner cannot be ruled out as being caused or worsened by the works. This leads to a legal grey area and often result in a protracted legal battles that could have been avoided by a dilapidation report from Precision Inspections.

In fact, we have been called out to verify a neighbouring properties claim for damages only to compare the so called new cracks as a precise match to the cracks photographed one year earlier!

We bring over 20 years of experience in the building inspection and assessment industry to every one of our projects, and you're guaranteed exceptional service, unparalleled accuracy and compelling value for money when you work with us.

We make booking a  building defects inspection for your Sydney home or business an easy one.
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Home and Building Inspection Reports

Our dilapidation reports are only the start of our range of building inspection and assessment reports for residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Sydney.

We offer a complete range of home and building inspection and assessment solutions including:

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Ensure that your rights are protected with a dilapidation report from Precision Inspections prior to starting work -- a small cost now can avoid headaches and expensive litigation in the future!

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