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A comprehensive property assessment or home inspection report is about much more than just ticking the boxes: It extends to you invaluable peace of mind that your property or future home is free from serious defects.

When it comes to property assessment and home inspection, only settle for the best.

With residential solutions available for as little as $ 440 , theres simply no reason not to call our inspection and assessment team today on 02 9440 0844 - or book online for a free quote and reliable service.

Precision Inspections is a team of Building and Timber Pest Consultants servicing the Greater Sydney Metro and beyond. Our main focus is the fast moving Pre-Purchase Property Inspections market, residential, commercial and industrial. Its something we have become extremely good at, so much so that almost 75% of our work derives from either referral or repeat clientele. This is a figure that we are very proud of.

We have grown to understand that servicing the clientele does not only mean having a technically great inspection, it also means that it should be clearly understood by the client. If we find a fault we describe what the fault is, where the fault is, why it is a problem and what the client should do from there. We try not to overburden the client with too much technical jargon or information that isn"t useful. We also encourage the client to call us to discuss any items that may be unclear.

Some of our other services include Defects Inspections or Completion Inspections for new buildings, Home Warranty Inspections, Dilapidation Inspections for builders and developers, Expert Reports for use in CTTT or Court Proceedings and other Special Purpose Inspections as required.

On a recent two day training seminar one of the lecturers likened the role of a pre-purchase inspector to that of a G.P. We are the first point of call for the client and we should diagnose faults and make recommendations and sometimes make referrals to other specialists or to other services within our scope of expertise not cover by a Standard Report.

We have developed a systematic inspection process that focuses on minimising human error. This process was ratified by Report Systems Australia P/L and we have continued to re-develop our processes. We now have our inspections completed from start to finish on-site using state of the art UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer) data entry technology.

Our latest updates have been our new secure online (SSL) ordering process and Client Login allowing for unprecedented access to your report quicker than ever before. As soon as your report has been completed, an automatically generated email, will be sent to the email address you provide to inform you that the report/s are ready for downloading as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
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