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Thermal Imaging, Infrared (IR) Technology

Add an extra dimension to your Building & Pest Reports.

Infrared (IR) radiation is electromagnetic radiation whose wavelength is longer than that of visible light, but shorter than microwaves. The name means "below red" (from the Latin infra, "below"), red being the colour of visible light with the longest wavelength.

Bricsoe Building, Ultimo - Thermal ImageThermal RangeBricsoe Building, Ultimo

These photos were taken from an inspection we carried out in one of Sydney‘s historical buildings (The Bricsoe Building) in Ultimo. The thermal scan confirmed the worst, Active termites.

Have you ever had an annual termite pest detection inspection carried out on your property or a pre-purchase inspection on a property you had your eye on that was given the all clear? Or perhaps the report you paid for came with inconclusive findings due to wall, ceiling and floor linings concealing possible problems? You may still discover your property is infested by termites. That’s where thermal imaging or infra red technology can save you thousands on expensive repair costs and give you that added peace of mind. It is a non invasive inspection that adds additional peace of mind to both Building & Timber Pest Inspections. The thermal camera allows the inspector to detect termite pest activity and other hidden problems that may exist within wall, ceiling and floor cavities otherwise inaccessible through a standard visual inspection.

The active termites found using a thermal infra red camera below could not be detected with a moisture meter or by sounding.

Dining Room - Thermal ImageThermal RangeDining Room

"... save you thousands on expensive repair costs and
give you that added peace of mind."

The thermal camera enables the inspector to measure the temperature levels within these areas, appearing as a colour coded image on the camera screen as ‘hot or cold spots‘; warm colours such as tones of red and orange representing the ‘hot spots‘ and tones of blues and greens representing ‘cold spots‘.

Images may suggest a number of problems in residential and or commercial properties including;

  • Active termite (nests, mud packing, damage),
  • Faulty wiring, circuit breakers and fuses,
  • Hidden moisture ingress,
  • Sources of moisture – causing mould, fungal growth or attract termites,
  • Pipe and duct work leaks,
  • Roof and ceiling leaks,
  • Sources of moisture that result in foundation cracks,
  • Heat/energy loss,
  • Structural concerns,
  • Inadequate insulation,
  • Ventilation problems,
  • Rats, mice and other pests.

A thermal camera can measure extremely minute differences in temperature and pin-point exact temperatures of particular areas.

Call precision inspections today for further details or if you want to know how thermal imaging can assist you.

Thermal Camera in Use

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